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I am the author of four books, numerous short stories, and articles that have appeared in magazines and journals. “The Piano’s Key,” book two in my Fairy Godmother Diaries series, was released in the spring of 2016. In May, 2016, I released the “Today’s Tarot” ebook.

I am writing the third book in the Fairy Godmother Diaries (tentatively titled, “The Player’s Crossroad“), as well as “Ishtar’s Temple,” about an anthropologist who defies critics and the law and opens a modern-day temple to the goddess Ishtar to revive the ancient practices of teaching men how to be good lovers.

In the pipeline: “Tick, Tick, BOOM!” the first book in the Charlie Rothmore mystery series, “The Tarot Card Murders,” and “Symphony in Ex.”


A Little About Me

I was born in the former Soviet Union, and my family immigrated to the USA. As soon as I learned English, I became a voracious reader. Writing came later to me, but I have always been a teacher and storyteller. My books blend my love of music, fantasy, travel, and adventure with good old fashioned love, friendship, and our hidden selves.

I teach singing, writing, and self-expression to organizations, corporations, and at colleges. My workshops, “Work in Harmony®,” “Flash Your Fiction,” and “Present Out Loud,” garner rave reviews at conferences, workshops, and other events. I also narrate audiobooks and am in the middle of narrating my own first novels.

See more about me.

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